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Various sources (other similar websites, tournament websites/announcements/social media, ...) are used to collect entry lists, sources for updates are similar and also include @EntryLists and @OtherLists on Twitter.

Note that the seeding numbers in the lists are based on the current ranking, so the order can still change for all but next week's tournaments. When the current ranking is the one that will be used for seedings, it's called "Seeding Ranking" in the tables.

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Colour codes of the (most recent) tennis lists:
Original alternate but got in after withdrawals

For alternates: Are already accepted with Protected Ranking but might still get in with their actual ranking
(In ATP Q and Challengers): Was one of the entries but then dropped out after the withdrawal deadline, replaced by an ALT
An ALT that replaced a said late withdrawal (or that took a spot which was available because there were not enough alternates on the list to fill all vacancies before the withdrawal deadline)

In Challenger main draws, the original alternate list is still being used to determine ALTs after the withdrawal deadline, but only players who "preserved their eligibility" can still enter.

In ATP and Challenger Qualifying, the original alternate list no longer matters after the withdrawal deadline and ALTs will be the highest-ranked players that signed the on-site ALT list. Any ranked player that isn't committed to another tournament can sign in.
Entered the main draw as Special Exempt (SE)
Entered as Wild Card (WC)
Is currently DA in either main draw or qualifying at another tournament in the same week, so he will have to withdraw somewhere once he gets into this tournament/if he is already in this tournament.